No Throwing Fish.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Houston, BC

632km from my last update. Things have been a bit less interesting on this part of the trip. Prince George, despite calling itself "british columbia's northern capital," is pretty lame. 70,000 people and nothing but big box stores and chain restaurants. Quesnel, though, had a neat museum. It's interesting how history around here is written with first nations people in it, like "The Haida nation was here prior to Canadian colonization" instead of US history which tends to read more like "we claimed the empty lands of Oregon."

I drove past Lac La Hache, and don't have a clue how to pronounce it.

I did come across some opinions about my trip in a bar in Prince George. Person A suggested I go east to Newfoundland instead of to Alaska, though Person B (after person A left for the restroom) suggested I stick with my original plan, if only so I wouldn't have to drive through the canadian midwest.


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