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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Magic Bus Day

A lot of people compare this trip to "into the wild." One of the things going on in that kid's story was the "magic bus" which served as his shelter while he was in the alaskan bush.

Last night, I was in my car outside Houston BC's chamber of commerce, borrowing their internet, when a white former school bus pulled up. The driver, a 22 year old canadian stoner and aspiring musician, asked me the password for the internet (my face was illuminated by the unmistakable computer screen blue glow). He called the bus his "summer home," and would be staying the night in that parking lot, because his bus' headlights didn't work.

Only drove from Houston to Hazelton today, just shy of 150 km. Stopped at a farmers' market in Smithers, and was surprised no old people crashed into it.

Those of you looking at where I am on a map are probably thinking "that isn't the alaska highway." I've decided to take the Stewart-Cassiar. I'm on highway 16 right now, officially known as the "Yellowhead Highway" and unofficially known as the "highway of tears" because of the large number of hitchhikers who've been murdered on it. Good thing I'm not hitchhiking.


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