No Throwing Fish.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chicken, AK

Arrived in Chicken on the evening of July 3. Great little town. Unbeknown to me, they had quite the series of events taking place on the 4th, so I stuck around for all that - lunchtime barbecue, evening roast of two pigs, live music, and a completely packed saloon. People come from all around to spend the 4th in Chicken. It was easily the most interesting place I've been since Vancouver. Many of the highwayside towns are little more than a place to get gas and a bag of Fritos, whereas according to Chicken's locals, Chicken is "the way Alaska used to be."

Photos from the last few days

This update comes from Fairbanks. I've just watched a Californian folk singer play some music in a coffee shop - he played a cover of John Denver's "Country Roads," as did Kenny Kim, the busker from a few days ago. I should start keeping a tally of notable things I come across on this trip - things like numbers of bears, moose, and John Denver covers.


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