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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two-Tone Macbook

I'm temporarily back in the Pacific Northwest. I knew I reached Seattle, because people drive like they have mad cow disease. Since my return I've been enjoying such luxuries as couches and running water.

I think I'll set out towards California around Labor Day. Since I've been out for two months already, I've pretty much written the east coast out of my plans; I'll save it for another trip. The west should keep me company for as long as I feel like being out.

While having a place to do some work on my laptop, I replaced its inverter board to fix its chronic flickering screen. While I was at it I replaced the inner plastics with those from a black macbook, and here is the result:

click for more pictures

Black and white stylin'. I looked up other bi-color macbooks only to find they were all done by circumstance instead of by intention, making mine the only one of its kind (I think). Until people find out they can do this for something like $80.


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