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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glenn Highway

By the time I'd posted last, I had visited Anchorage, Seward, and Homer. I didn't have a whole lot to say about them. Anchorage was quite the return to civilization, though I wouldn't call it very unique aside from its abundance of Alaska themed gift shops. Homer has probably got more character than I managed to notice, sadly I was there while being rather tired and didn't do much more than look at it. Seward is cool, the marine wildlife center and Exit Glacier are not to be missed.

I drove back from Anchorage along the Glenn highway, and realized that I'd missed Wrangell-St. Elias park. d'oh. Its main entrance is near Valdez, which I passed on visiting, completely forgetting the park was there. I found an edge of the park near Slana, AK, and went for a hike, technically in the park. During this hike I found this abandoned camp which was pretty awesome. Later on that hike, I found a couple of guys who were in an active camp, just chilling out at the top of this hill shooting marmots. The park advertised this area as "the road less traveled," and I guess I'd been the only person on it in a long time as these guys were surprised to have been discovered.

Since then I've been to Haines, which is a friendly place. Very small, the whole town, except for its bars, closes at 2pm, or 5pm on days when cruise ships are docked. It is also full of people my age who are desperately trying to leave, but can't get much farther than their parents' house.

I've crossed the water into Juneau, and as I'm typing this am about halfway between the ferry terminal and the nearest bus stop, a 1.5 mile walk. My journey was interrupted by my emergency need for a waffle. It was delicious and I believe I will need to purchase a waffle iron upon my return. I could have taken a cab or something but then I would be without this waffle and therefore a sad and unfulfilled individual.



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