No Throwing Fish.

Monday, July 28, 2008

watch out for animals, and your eyes

Today has involved a whole ton of driving - the towns on this part of the Al-Can really serve no purpose but to supply travelers with overpriced gas and doritos. On the way though, I had several run-ins with wildlife and other dangers.

The first: the danger of falling asleep.
I slept last night in a "check your brakes, steep hill ahead" area. It was too cold to remain asleep, so I hit the road about 5:30 this morning. By the second time I drifted off the road I decided it was time to sleep some more. Luckily the day had warmed up, and I succeeded.

The second: $1.79/liter gas! This will take a man's life faster than you can say "Al Gore."

The third: A herd of bison in the road. They don't appear to realize that cars go there, and just lay down for a nap in the highway.

The fourth: A herd of sheep in the road. I was rolling up a hill at about 70mph, and over the crest of it are A BUNCH OF SHEEP. IN MY LANE. I swerve around them as there would have been no stopping in time to prevent acres of lamb stew. Luckily they were only in the one lane, and no cars were in the other. About a mile after this incident occurs, a large sign tells me to watch out for sheep in the highway, with a picture of a tipped over sheep next to a car. THANKS FOR WARNING ME, SIGN

THE FIFTH is sweat carrying my bug spray from my face directly into my eyes while driving. My eyebrows clearly did not do their job, and I had to pull over and frantically dump water all over myself as passersby were the most confused I'd ever made them.

Old photos, new ones when possible


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