No Throwing Fish.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the video
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3 months, 12,000 miles, 9 states, 3 provinces. There are a lot of places I went, a lot of places I didn't go, and a lot of places I'd like to go back to.

I enjoyed north of the border more than south of it. BC, Yukon, and Alaska were very impressive and unique. Not to say places like the Redwoods, California Headlands and Colorado Plateau aren't also cool. In different ways.

It was a great experience, I've learned a lot, have seen many things, finally traveled outside the Pacific time zone, and yet have only covered something like 4% of the world. I hope to take a trip like this again some day, only next time I'll go someplace outside North America.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Las Vegas is a silly place

Prior to arriving in Las Vegas, I stayed a day at a $35 motel, which had wi-fi, cable, and a shower. What else can a man ask for?

In vegas, I managed to avoid gambling, whores, and marriage, and yet still had a good time - despite the Star Trek Experience having closed a mere two weeks before I got there.

Driving through the desert is rough. I spent much of it sweating out all the water I was near-constantly ingesting. The Desert Bus guys have it easy.

The Colorado Plateau, where all the parks are, has a lot more to look at. In Zion, they give biblical names to a lot of the rock formations - I'm not sure if this is because of their glorious majesty, or just because it's in Utah.

I managed to fall on my left knee while climbing on some rocks I wasn't supposed to climb on. This has ruled out any hiking for the last couple days.

Thankfully I didn't fall into the canyon; there are a surprising number of places where this is very possible thanks to no railings or barriers.

Video: Lizard Action


Also, old fact: Unlike other states' picture of a tent with the "no" symbol through it, the "No Camping" logo in California is a Vanagon with a "no" over it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

San Francisco

It's a pretty cool place. I managed to at least briefly take in most of its districts. Just walking through them kept me busy for several days.

On a small, public beach, a man built a sand sculpture of a mermaid. He began talking to me about it once he'd finished, saying things like how he "built it from memory" and "knows exactly what she looks like." Maybe he was a mythical sea creature in a past life.

I was in a bar which was also occupied by a drunken crazy man, who decided to repeatedly kick a porsche which was parked outside. The bartender, after seeing this, called the cops as the man drunkenly wandered down the street. Shortly thereafter, The porsche owner and his wife returned to their vehicle to find it freshly kicked. The bartender explained the situation to the car owner, who then went looking for the perpetrator while his wife stayed with the car. Minutes later, the car kicker stumbles back to the scene and begins hitting on the car owner's wife. She calls her husband, who comes back and holds a casual conversation with the car kicker as a way to keep him in one place until the police arrive. The car kicker was arrested.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures and stuff

I'm on CA highway 1 now. It's called the Pacific Coast Highway, but I can't see the pacific coast because it is really foggy.

Recent pictures

Older pictures includes the coolest thing in Ellensburg


Driving through redwood forest

Drive-thru tree (note: soundtrack added because this was pretty boring otherwise.)

Llama face

Friday, September 5, 2008

mayonnaise sandwich

I'm back on the road. I became a bit nervous when confronted with the idea of once again being without a home, but quickly warmed up to the idea of continued adventure while looking out at Crater Lake from the summit of Mount Scott.

I needed to break a $20 inside a shopping mall in Oregon. Carl's Jr. has a 99 cent chicken sandwich. Knowing an opportunity when I see one, I ordered said sandwich, forgetting to specify "without mayonnaise." The cooks took this omission as a reason to apply a week's supply of mayo onto what was once known as my "sandwich," but could now only be referred to as my "foil wrapped mayo."

Outside a friend's house in Eugene, I was rummaging through my car, until I was interrupted by someone shouting "HAAAEEEEEHHHGH." I turned around to find a homeless woman standing about 25 feet from me, near a futon mattress which had been discarded in a carport. I responded "uhhhh... what?" and the following conversation ensued:

me: "what?"
me: "uh, what?"
me: "okay?"
me: "I have to go somewhere."

I parked my car on the next block.

While driving from Crater Lake towards the Redwood Forest (I think this is only about a 4 or 5 hour drive, I did not expect that) I encountered a sign advertising "Sweet Cron." I was stunned. About a quarter mile later I found another sign advertising the very same "sweet cron." Those clever Southern Oregonians succeeded in grabbing my attention with their intentional misspelling. Cron.